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We do not accept returns or exchanges on items or issue refunds. All products have descriptions and photos. Please read full product descriptions and ask questions prior to purchasing if needed.


Processing of orders can take up to five business days. Shipping cost is calculated in the checkout process. If a rush is needed on an order, please contact the shop. 


All products are made by hand, start to finish and will never be "machine" perfect. Even if we try, no two will ever be the same, they will all have their own unique qualities. 

Leather is a natural skin that retains moisture, dries out, can stretch, warp and crack without proper care. Over time, you may need to take measures to increase the longevity of your leather item such as cleaning, conditioning or resealing. Different kinds of leathers, have different qualities, each aging and wearing uniquely.

Your leather items will be sealed in a water resistant coating but this does not make it waterproof. Water can ruin your item causing the leather to warp, stretch, and change colors. Please do not use your leather items while bathing, swimming or in heavy rainy weather. 

We are not responsible for normal wear and tear, or for item wear due to misuse. Misuse includes overpacking, constant rubbing, getting the item wet or using the item for anything other than its intended purpose. 

If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will work to resolve any issues. 


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